Vibrant Health Coaching


Uplevel your health, energy & beauty


If you are
working through
health challenges

& want to 
 purify your life &
live in your 
highest vibration,

I am here for you.

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Make healing yourself
simple & fun 

Learn what to buy &
how to make it delicious 


Ground routines & actions

to feel strong, vibrant &

more comfortable in your body

Weekly sessions for 3+ months

Be in the
flow of love & health, from the comfort of your home, over the phone or video, anywhere in the Universe.

Receive weekly action steps, resources & recipes


Support over e-mail / text 


Options to add in-person services such as Reiki, Cooking Retreats & Food Prep

With my experience & education, along with holistic understanding, I make this process understandable, simplified & efficient for you. 


Inspired by the latest nutrition research & ancient healing modalities, I provide you a deeper understanding of your body & how to truly honour, love & nourish yourself.

Success Stories


90 Day Transformation


One Month



Ahhh I’m so blessed to have worked with you. 


♥️ You helped me to connect to my intuition for food &  physical activity. 

♥️ You truly made it simple & delicious to make really healthy delicious food! & be creative with it too!
You also helped me know what to look for in ingredients, what are the best brands & prices & where to get them. 

♥️ It was especially fun to choose essential oils & flower essences. 

♥️ Your guided meditations really helped me tune in to my needs & goals 

♥️ AM & PM health routines are so important &  you helped me bring them into practice 

♥️You helped me connect to my heart &  healing with amazing Reiki! I love your drumming! 

—  Dana M.