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"I care about you
& truly want you to feel good.


I know what it feels like to navigate & heal health issues;

I have been there!

It is my greatest joy to support you in your healing journey, making it a fun & magical experience!

Katie Christie        

Holistic Healer & Nutritionist, 

BA Psychology, Reiki Master


"Katie is an alchemist that derives a sensational concoction of nutrients and vivid flavours in every meal! Her connection to Mother Earth oozes in her cooking, just as strongly as her healing channels create positive changes as she connects to the Heavens. I personally crave her food and indulge in her sessions as often as possible! Not only that, I refer everyone I love to her!!" 


—  Selena


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I support you in healing yourself by clearing the mind, purifying the body & nourishing the soul.