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If you are spiritually open-minded & believe that vibrant health includes physical, emotional & energetic wellness...let’s connect.

Katie Christie

Holistic Healer & Nutritionist,

Reiki Master, BA Psychology


My Healing



My journey really began...

...with my first Reiki session in 2012. At the time, I was living a life of alcohol, caffeine & drugs. I always felt stressed or anxious & could not meditate for the life of me.

During the Reiki, I felt this beautiful warm, healing energy & the smell of sage cleansing & clearing away all the cloudiness & chaos. I felt alive & connected with who I am.


At that moment, I felt a calling to learn Reiki & help others. 

I experienced all the extremes, from party animal to overly strict “healthy” to emotional eating.


To heal, I needed to be in a vibration conducive to healing - love & joy.


In addition to the food, filling your cup with divine love & nature energy & overflowing.

Physically, I was experiencing severe acne & bloating, thyroid nodules, candida, parasites & leaky gut. I had a constant stomach ache & felt exhausted & depleted; confused & frustrated being tossed around the medical system.

I was at rock bottom - big changes were needed. I decided to commit 100% to my healing & bring in more loving discernment for practices & foods which give the most pure energy. 


My work extends into supporting the community, which englobes farmers' markets & green conscious businesses.

It is my absolute joy to spread this goodness far & wide.

Connect with me to feel supported & motivated as you nourish & balance your mind, body & soul.

Book A Free 15 - 30 min Consultation to share more about your journey & see how I can support you.

Katie's Practice


My practice stems from the knowledge learned at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.


Healing Modalities: 
Reiki Masters, Ayurveda, Flower Essences, Essential Oils & Axiatonal Alignment.

I completed my Psychology degree at Western University.

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