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Holistic HEALTH 



~ Uplevel your health, energy & beauty ~

Whether you are working through health challenges, or just want to simplify the process of healthy living, I've got you. 

Over our time together, you’re going to learn to look at your health holistically & increase your vibrancy in a fun & joyful way!

I work with you to find the best choices to complement your goals & preferences.

Book a free consultation. You can share what you're going through. I will hold space, offer insights & recommendations for your healing journey.





"Katie was a fantastic support for me when I was truly at a low. We conducted our sessions via Skype, which made it so convenient.  Katie is so kind, loving, nurturing and encouraging. She made me feel very comfortable and always created a safe, non-judgmental space, where I felt open to share and be honest with how I was feeling.  She listened so beautifully and empowered me to turn inward and to listen, then gave me the tools I needed to align my head and heart and honour my highest good."


“Since I've begun my healing journey with you, the inflammation and heat have drastically released itself and I am no longer constantly itchy. Everything is gone almost like it was never there. I feel wonderful." — C.M


I followed Katie's guidance and feel more clear, aware and energized than ever before! — Michael, 90 Day Transformation, 50 lbs lighter

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