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Cooking Retreat

Go from liking, following & pinning endless recipes... 

... to actually cooking, baking & tasting them!!


Gain Kitchen Confidence!

to create magical meals

for yourself, family & friends!

Treat yourself to a deliciously nourishing vacation of healing, healthy food & fun in the comfort of your city!

Take a peek into a Cooking Retreat experience!

Learn how to create delicious, healthy & quick meals from different cultures that are energizing & mood-boosting!

The Retreat Experience

  • Full 6 hour retreat day, 2 - 5 people
    (private & couples options available)


  • Two private 30 min coaching / healing sessions (online) before & after retreat to support you - share your preferences, what you want to learn & any health issues 

  • All my best recipes & resources shall be yours!

Family Retreat

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Private Retreat

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Couples Retreat

couples retreat 22.jpg

Friends Retreat

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 8.08.14 PM.png

Retreat Itinerary

Meditation & Reiki Energy Healing

Come in, get cozy, receive energy healing & aromatherapy scalp massage.
Release tension in your body & get replenished with healing love.
Visualize your dreams with live music & drumming.

Group Sharing Circle

Group sharing circle to connect & harmonize.

Cooking Class (Part 1)

Taste & learn many delicious food combinations & recipes.

Grounding & Integration

Time for resting & digesting. 

Cooking Class (Part 2)

Back to the Wellness Haven for more learning & nourishing your mind, body & soul with delicious food medicine.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.24.44 PM.png
Copy of received_1699376323529148.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.25.22 PM.png

You will leave full of ideas, inspiration & peace of mind, knowing you can recreate this magic for family & friends!


“Thank you so much Katie.. I absolutely adore The Retreat. It was so magically healing & inspirational. I went out that night & bought a bunch of the ingredients that we had used & I already feel so much better”

- Kaya

"I loved the whole experience. I loved coming in, lying down and being nurtured and tapping into my own healing. The scalp massage and Reiki healing was wonderful and brought me back into my body. You created a very relaxing atmosphere of peace."

- Amanda, on Retreat



I will attempt to make some recipes. Attending your retreat was one of this month's highlights for me :) I just loved it.

I became blessed with love surrounding me...that's what I felt after I left your house. Suddenly after that, everybody became more joyful & loving towards me.

- Sammie

"I loved the flow and simplicity of making the food! I released my fears of being in the kitchen. Healthy cooking is way easier than I thought!" 

 - Ida 


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