My #1 Health Tip

If you tune into how food affects your vital energy and light, you will notice that natural, fresh, organic foods have the highest vibrations. The sunshine that they absorb is held within their cells and if this is what you’re taking in, you will naturally glow and look more radiant. One of the best things you can do to raise your vibration and create a better world is to support organic.

Conventional produce is higher in toxins - pesticides, fungacides, herbacides and insectacides (“-cide” comes from the Latin word caedere, which means “to kill”). Genetically modified (GM, GMO) foods have herbicides and pesticides grown into them to kill the bugs and get higher yields and more profit. They have the lowest vibration.

These practices are killing the bees and insects, disrupting the cycles of life. Estimates are that nearly a third of the honeybee population has been wiped out since 2006. As Einstein says it, “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”

The only way to avoid GMOs is to buy certified organic, which is a courageous move done by farmers who care more about health and the environment than profit.

Organic food may appear more costly at this time, however, you’re getting more nutrients and minerals and nourishing your body as nature intended. It’s actually more costly for the farmers too, as they have to pay to become certified organic, whereas other corporations are subsidized by the government.

Organic farmers and food companies are doing beautiful things for the world, it’s great to empower them and ourselves. If we connect and collaborate, grow our own food (like growing your own money) we can figure out more efficient, effective ways of living.

The intention and energy put into growing your food is taken in when you consume it; it has a direct effect on you and your energy. It's best to enjoy food as close to Mother Nature as you can.

If you’re not able to get everything organic, you can make it with love and bless it to transform the energy in it. However, let’s make conscious choices from the start and support people who care about us J When you buy organic, you are voting for good people doing good things; you are voting for a better world, grown with love and in harmony with nature.

I love going to farmers’ markets and supporting good people wherever I am. In Toronto, Canada:

In Costa Rica:

Absolutely vital we support these people and enjoy this deliciousness! Gabriela's transformation & thoughts on organic.

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