Manifesting Your Dreams

July 1, 2015

How I consciously created my dream home:

I became crystal clear on what I wanted,
Wrote it down, repeated it to myself.
Visualized and felt as if I already had it.
How good it would feel to lie in my backyard.
A healing oasis.

I held onto that vision.
I knew I was creating it, so it was there, I just needed to align myself. 
I focused on that feeling and you can do the same.
Faith it till you make it :)

I did a meditation, said Divine, work through me and show me the way. I know this exists because I am already there in my dreams. I followed my intuition and randomly knocked on someone’s door, securing this home in the exact location I wanted just 5 days before moving day. 

Live Your Dreams

Write out your vision and your strengths.

Find your role.

Show up and Shine.

The more you put in, the more you get out.


Collaborate with people who have similar visions and complimentary skills. 

"Write out a statement of your major purpose and dreams, commit it to memory, repeat it everyday, until these vibrations have reached your subconscious mind." 
- Napoleon HIll 


Blessings to you and your dreams. 





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