Chakra Healing

December 24, 2015

It's very healing to read this (ideally out loud) & tune into that chakra. Helps to clear any blockages, get them all fired up and balanced. 


Root or Base Chakra (Red)

  1. I exercise regularly and feel happy with my body.                                                                

  2. I feel happy about how I earn my living - both satisfying and enjoyable.

  3. I’m comfortable with my level of abundance and prosperity.   

  4. I focus on today – I feel very connected and grounded to what I am doing at the time.

  5. Family is very important part of my life. I have healthy family relationships.           

Sacral Chakra (Orange)

  1. I enjoy stimulating and healthy sexual relationships.

  2. I am in touch with my creativity and I enjoy expressing my emotions.

  3. I can identify what I need, and ask for it.

  4. I ensure that I am always hydrated and I enjoy drinking water.

  5. I love to dance, moving with music feels good to me.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

  1. I feel I have a healthy digestive system.

  2. I have the courage to take risks when necessary. 

  3. I feel confident in most situations.

  4. I am able to laugh easily.

  5. I follow projects and commitments through to completion.

Heart Chakra (Green)

  1. I am a generous person.

  2. I have open, honest relationships.

  3. I have compassion for myself.

  4. I accept others as they are.

  5. I breathe deeply and effortlessly.

Throat Chakra (Blue)

  1. I have a strong clear voice.

  2. I am able to express myself clearly and effectively.

  3. I am a good listener.

  4. I listen to my inner wisdom.

  5. I rarely get sore throat. 

Third Eye (Indigo Blue)

  1.  I trust my intuitive feelings.

  2.  I have a good memory. 

  3.  I have psychic experiences.

  4.  I can visualize easily.

  5.  I am able to clearly see what I want in my life.

Crown Chakra (Violet)

  1. I meditate regularly. 

  2. I enjoy my spirituality.

  3. I feel connected to the universal consciousness.

  4. I experience "divine inspiration" from time to time.

  5. I take time out for self-reflection. 

I found this on my friend Marta's website, and found it very helpful.

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