Sessions Include:

- Removing Energy Blockages -

- Guided Meditation -

- Chakra Balancing -

- Nutrition Insights -

- Divine Messages - 

- Affirmations -



Get your life force flowing

Experience optimum health & vitality

Nourish and balance your body, mind & soul


Outcomes: release pain and attachments, receive positive loving energy, gain clarity and inner wisdom, feel energized and connected to yourself



"It was wonderful to receive your special gift. You knocked on a door to my soul that wanted to stay closed. Now I have the key."
- Lindsay, received energy healing 


"That was like the best reiki ever.

I loved the touch and affirmations.

It was very powerful.

I saw clear visions.

You were definitely channeling.

Those were the exact messages I needed to hear.

I am nicknaming you, "shamanic nutritionist.""
- Janna, received energy healing 

"Your reiki love is out of this world. Very soothing & magical."

— Irina, received energy healing

"I feel like I just got back from vacation! Katie's presence is extremely comforting and warm, and she is very professional. After our session, I feel soothed and in a much better place spiritually and energetically."

— Miranda, received energy healing