• Spiritually elevating

  • Flows out negative emotions

  • Restores energy levels

  • New life perception

Healing sessions include removing blockages, chakra balancing, guided meditation, affirmations, nutrition insights and divine messages. Nourish and balance your body, mind and soul. Experience a healing session with Katie to live at a higher vibrational level and maintain peace and clarity in your life.

"I'd never really prioritized my health and nutrition, just ate and drank whatever I wanted. Then I met Katie and had my first Reiki session with her. Ever since that day, my whole life started to change, and I feel so different in a way that words can not even describe. Thank you so much Katie for this wonderful experience!"

— Nezar, received reiki energy healing

"I feel like I just got back from vacation! Katie's presence is extremely comforting and warm, and she is very professional. After our session, I feel soothed and in a much better place spiritually and energetically."

— Miranda, received reiki energy healing

“The healing session melted my problems away." 

— Adam, received reiki energy healing

“Katie has one of the most graceful, soft, and feminine touches I have ever felt. It was so incredibly powerful receiving a full body massage / Reiki healing treatment from her. I was buzzing in bliss"

— Chrissy, received reiki energy healing

It was wonderful to receive your special gift. You knocked on a door to my soul that wanted to stay closed. Now I have the key.
- Lindsay