My journey began with a series of health problems, including: anxiety, severe acne and bloating, candida, parasites, leaky gut and thyroid nodules. I felt exhausted and depleted; confused at all of the conflicting advice I was receiving.
It wasn’t until I turned inwards and really connected with myself that I truly started to honour my body and heal. On this journey, I have picked up so many wonderful tools of health – I love sharing this and empowering you to do the same.

My practice stems from the knowledge learned at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, as well as healing modalities from around the world. 


I completed my Psychology degree at Western University to have a deeper understanding of human behaviour in the interest of elevating the mindset.


My work also extends into the community where I love to support and promote farmer’s markets, environmentally conscious businesses and transformational festivals and retreats. It is my absolute joy to spread this goodness far and wide and connect you with a loving community.

I enjoy plugging people into love and life.

Learn what you can about healthy living so you can feel your best and make more conscious choices aligned with your vision for yourself and the planet.


I can help you feel supported and loved and guide you back to your natural, joyous state of being.


Take a closer look at my offerings and how we can work together.