Holistic Healing


  Counselling & Reiki  

I lovingly hold space for you to share what you're going through & your intentions 
(what you'd like to release & what you'd like to receive).

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I welcome you to express any concerns or questions about your health. I'll be happy to offer insights & infuse healing energy to support you.


We then shift to the massage table, where you rest, relax & receive. We start with an aromatherapy scalp massage to release any pain, stress or negative energy. After the clearing, I channel source energy to replenish you with healing love.




You’ll feel a warm sensation fill your body, as I lightly massage & nourish you to balance & harmonize your energy. I may channel insights or affirmations, as guided.


The session ends with foot massage & drumming to ground. We will finish with a few positive action steps & I'll send you an e-mail of recommended resources to support your intentions.