Nutrition & Cooking Classes


Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. Let me ignite your creativity and excitement in the kitchen, sharing my best recipes and health/beauty/nutrition tips.
I show you how to create delicious, healthy and quick meals from different cultures that are easily digestible, energizing and mood boosting.
You will leave full of ideas, inspiration and peace of mind, knowing you can recreate this magic for family and friends.

Feel the vibe of the cooking class

Make Your Own Nut Milk

How to Make Raw Tacos
w/ Walnut Taco Meat

Katie's cooking class is a life changing experience. I was a healthy eater, but was still eating bread and cheese almost everyday and indulging in various sugary treats and foods that didn't make me feel good.

After hearing her wisdom and enjoying meals at her class, I found myself satisfied by healthier choices. I haven't eaten bread, dairy or heavy foods since then. People are commenting that I look great and have lost weight; it's because I've been eating lighter and less since learning from Katie.

She teaches how to make a variety of simple meals that had me melting in ecstasy over and over again. You get to taste your way through her cupboards full of tasty super-foods!!! Best ever!

— Keidi, attended Nutrition & Cooking Class

“Such an amazing afternoon and investment! Thank you for everything you do and the love you put into the food and the love you gave us. I had a great time and learned so much.

I used my new copper tongue scraper from your class, it's amazing! Where has this thing been all my life!? So much better than using my toothbrush! Thanks katie!

— James, attended Nutrition & Cooking Class